Theme for 2016: "Holy Spirit, Why not Here, Why not Us, and Why not Now?"


Our Ministries

Over the years, the choir has sung in other states and in many venues including the grand opening of the Constitution Center, at the beginning of a Phillies Game at Citizens Bank Park, and as a part of ceremonies connected with the Olympic Torch Relay and Fourth of July celebrations.  In 2001, this choir recorded a CD entitled, Jesus is His Name!  All of the songs were written by members of the Crusaders for Christ Church music department.

Wisdom Choir
Grandparents and church members who are 55 years old and up are welcome to join the Wisdom Choir.  This group for the young-at-heart, sings traditional-style gospel music, but they add their own flavor.  Singing just four times a year, members find that the time commitment to this choir is minimal but fun.

Children’s Choir

Children ages 3-10 are welcome to join the HYPE Children’s Choir.  Practices are held during on Sunday morning while the youth participate in their own service on the other side of the church building.  This choir sings six times per year.

Several members of our church are talented singers and are comfortable ministering alone.  From time-to-time, these people are scheduled to sing on Sunday mornings.

We have anointed musicians who play skillfully before the Lord.  Playing for all of the choirs and for Sunday morning services, these gifted men of God, give their talents to the Lord for the edification of the saints and to the glory of God.  When you join us for a service, expect to hear the organ, keyboards, saxophone, percussions, and a bass.


HYPE, our version of what other ministries might refer to as children’s church, stands for Helping Young People Everywhere.  
On Sunday mornings after praise and worship, children, age three (3) through twelfth grade, are offered an opportunity to take part in a service, tailor made for them, on the other side of the building.  Supervised and taught by adults who have the gift of teaching, children are split into groups, according to their ages.

The oldest children, primarily those in high school, are taught the word of God by dynamic teachers, and they are given the opportunity to apply biblical truths to their lives.  Current events are a common basis for lessons, and the youth are invited to participate in the discussion-based style of the class.  We recognize that children of this age are tempted by the cares of the world in very tangible ways; therefore, we strive to help them to hide the Word of God in their hearts that they might not sin against God.
Youth in upper elementary and middle school learn God’s word through videos, drama, art, cooperative/competitive games, and problem solving.  They enjoy the lively and energetic discussions and less formal style of learning, so they participate easily and retain a great deal of the biblical principles they are taught.  We seek to nurture their love for the Lord so that they are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our youngest children learn the Bible stories by enthusiastic teachers who use a call and response technique.  Pre-reading and reading skills are included as well.  Also, as a part of their service, they are taught to worship the Lord through song and to lay hands on the sick.  Activities include arts and crafts, drama, games, singing, miming, and many others.

The HYPE Children’s Choir ministers in the main service on Youth Sunday services.  Additionally children from HYPE recite scriptures, perform mimes and skits, at various times, and trips, special celebrations, and social activities are offered throughout the year.


We believe that music is an integral part of the service.

Praise and Worship Ministry

We recognize that praise and worship is not just about singing songs at the beginning of a service.  In our desire to pursue worship beyond the veil, we yield ourselves to the movement and the presence of the Holy Spirit through songs and wave offerings.
•       Praise and Worship Team - Singers, gifted to usher in the Holy Spirit through song, minister before Lord and the congregation on Sunday mornings.  Together with the musicians, they create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move as He sees fit and for the people worship as we honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

•       WOW (Wave Offering Worship Flag Ministry) - We use flags during the praise and worship portion of the service as instruments of worship to the Lord.  The colors represent God’s unique character, and we wave them to Him as expressions of our faith.  Please read about the meanings of the colors that we use as a wave offering to the Lord.

Praise Signal: This circular item inspires us, like a signal, to break forth into exuberant demonstrations of praise.  The color red is symbolic of the blood of Jesus and therefore represents redemption.  Gold represents triumphant victory.  The front of the praise signal has a picture of the fire of God.

White Flag: The color of this flag is iridescent white which represents the Shekinah Glory of God.  It reminds us that the Lord is here.

White Flag with Colors:  This flag has the same iridescent white as the other flag does, but seven colors outline the edge: iridescent red/rose represents the Rose of Sharon which is symbolic of our lives being poured out at the feet of Jesus; iridescent orange represents the fire of God; iridescent gold represents revelation; iridescent green represents the cleansing and healing of spirit, soul and body; iridescent light blue represents reconciliation and peace; iridescent blue represents a refreshing rain and moving waters; iridescent purple represents an emergent royal prophetic priesthood.

Red Flag: The color red is symbolic of the blood of Jesus and therefore represents redemption.
Purple Flag:  Purple is the color of royalty and represents the Sovereign One.

Four-Color Flag:  The colors of this flag are as follows: gold, navy blue representing heaven declaring the glory of God who is the Majestic One, the eternal One, the All-Existent One and Master of All, purple, and red.

Fire Flags: The last flags are the color red/gold.  These flags represent the fire of God.  The color is symbolic of Breakthrough.  Hallelujah!

As these flags come near you during praise and worship, think about what they represent.

T.R. Gospel Choir
In 1972, under the name T.R. Ensemble, the T.R. Gospel Choir began singing to the glory of God.  This youth and adult choir sings in our home church on first and third Sundays of the month.