Theme for 2016: "Holy Spirit, Why not Here, Why not Us, and Why not Now?"

photoS from the fishing trip

Men of CFC

With a goal of helping men reach their God-given potential, the Men of CFC meet monthly to have a conversation, to discuss challenges, and to seek answers from the Bible.  The meetings are filled with laughter and joy as the men learn their place in the body of Christ and gain a clearer understanding of biblical principles.

Single and married men are welcome, and both groups are encouraged to be loving leaders at home and in the community.  Additionally, men are invited to get involved in other ministries and to win souls for the kingdom of God.

Mentoring young men is a major goal of this group.  Prayer breakfasts, special services, fishing excursions, and various other outings are planned in an effort to encourage participation from the younger generations.  

Men of CFC meets every fourth Wednesday of the month.